Veterinary Technician Resume Example

A veterinary technician is an individual who works under a veterinary doctor and provides the best possible care to animals, pet, livestock etc. A veterinary technician is responsible for providing first aid and nursing to animals and also assist the vet in surgical procedures etc.

There are many other duties and responsibility of a vet tech and in order to become one, an individual needs to prepare a well detailed an impressive resume. A veterinary technician resume must consist of details of the qualifications of the applicant. A sample has been given below.

Sample Veterinary Technician Resume Example

Raymond Veil

Address: 290, g street, pentagon road, New York

Phone number: 4230495359

Date of birth: 5th May 1985

Email id:

Statement of Purpose

An extremely compassionate and strong willed individual with ample experience and education in field of vet science is looking for a job of a vet tech at a reputed vet clinic.

Skills and Areas of Expertise

  • Compassion and genuine passion for animals.
  • Strong verbal and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of medical equipments and apparatus.
  • Good at assisting in surgical procedures.
  • Ability to work for long hours.
  • Stamina and emotional strength.

Academic Background

  • Bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology from John Hopkins University.
  • Diploma in veterinary technician studies from New York.
  • Passed the national veterinary technician exam and gained licensure in this field of work.

Work Experience

  • After completing my graduation, I worked as a veterinary technician trainee for 6 months at a respectable veterinary clinic in Manhattan.
  • Worked as a veterinary technician at Rupert’s Vet Care clinic in New York for a period of 2 years where I gained ample amount of experience in this field.
  • Also worked as a veterinary assistant at a veterinary hospital in Ohio for 12 months time period.

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