Resume Examples

A resume is a summary of an individual’s qualification. It is used by an individual as a marketing tool for getting a new job, increase in salary or for promotion. It reflects a candidate’s potential and helps the recruiter best to select the right person through this.

Resumes can be constructed in different ways. But few of these resume types are mostly used for applying to any job openings. There are mainly four types of resume that are being used commonly.

They are as follows:

1. Chronological Resume

2. Functional Resume

3. Combined Resume

4. Targeted Resume

There is various importance of a resume. Therefore, a resume construction has to be done with ultimate precision. Some of the benefits of good resume are:

1. A perfect resume helps the recruiters to analyze a candidate’s skill at its best.

2. A proper resume should always mention of all your work history chronologically; this will help an employer to find at what job you are being held and how long you have worked.

3. An organized resume lists all your work experience, skills and work history in an organized manner which gives the recruiters a complete idea about a candidate’s potential and experience.

4. Resume always highlights all the best skills and experience of a candidate that is required particularly for the job he is applying for. This surely gives a brief idea to the recruiters about the candidate.

At this site you will get variety of such resume examples along with samples which would help you to build your own resume easily.

Resume Examples

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