Transportation Engineer Resume Example

A transportation engineer resume example is a resume which an engineer working in the transport engineering industry uses. The resume lists the individual’s educational qualifications, his or her prior experience, skill set and other details. Transport engineering is the science which makes use of the technology and scientific principles to prepare a proper transport system. It forms a part of the discipline called civil engineering. The job includes technique, mechanics, organization, planning and implementation; hence the applicant must represent all of these in the resume he or she prepares.

Sample Transportation Engineer Resume Example

Personal Details:

Name: Mr. Justin Miller

Date of Birth: 10th  May 1987

Residence No.: 673- 459- 876

Mobile No.: 982- 772- 422

Career Statement:

I aspire to be a part of the esteemed organization and give my best to all the venture/ projects the organization is involved in. I believe my educational qualification and experience render me suitable for the position.

Educational Qualifications:

  • 2006- 2008: Masters in Civil Engineering, Parson College of Engineering, Manhattan, New York, USA.
  • 2002- 2006: Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Markesan Engineering College and Institute, New York, USA.
  • 2002: Completion of high school education, West High School, New Jersey, USA.

Work Experience:

  • 2008- 2009: Hilliard Civil Developers and Constructors, Brooklyn, New York, USA; Assistant Engineer.

Description: Assisted the assigned senior engineer and carried on all the assigned tasks. Worked under the supervisor on the Pillar Bridge Project in New Jersey.

  • 2009- 2011: Hilliard Civil Developers and Constructors, Brooklyn, New York, USA; Civil Engineer, the West Fly High Project.

Description: Worked on one of the major projects- West Fly High Project; prepared the plan, tested the mechanical and technical aspects. Assisted the senior authorities on the final implementation of the project.

  • 2011- present: Simon & Simon Civil Constructors, New York, USA. Senior Civil Engineer.

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