Test Technician Resume Example

Test technicians are those individuals who help in improving the quality of the products and their functionality. The major role of a test technician includes inspection of proper functioning of the products and equipments. Test technicians are instrumental in the maintenance of quality of the products and their related processes. There are various industries that the test technicians can be associated with like software industry, automobile industry etc.  Given below is a test technician resume example associated with software industry.

Sample Test Technician Resume Example

Howard williamson

#22, Harwich, Essex,

London, CO12

Phone – 987-654-3210

Email – howardw@allmail.com


To seek the position of a test technician in an organization that provides me ample opportunity to perform a challenging role.

Professional Experience

Beta Technologies, London – from 2008-till date

Job Post: Test technician

Job responsibilities description:

  • Debug software for trouble.
  • Report on testing undertaken.
  • Assist test engineer in testing procedures.
  • Adopt strict compliance to test procedures laid down by organization.

New Target Software Solutions, London – from 2005 to 2008

Job Post :Junior test technician

Job responsibilities description:

  • Check schematics and testing equipment.
  • Answerable to quality control team for proper functioning of test equipments.

Maintenance of fault tracking system.


  • Over 7 years of experience as software test technician.
  • Possess good knowledge of logic analyzers and electronic testing equipment.
  • Capable of preparing logical diagrams necessary for test procedures.

Very creative and talented to trouble shoot any problem during software testing process.


  • Good knowledge of visual basic
  • Can make use of Ethernet and GPIB during testing.
  • Good knowledge of test systems such as Acqua and AP.

Stung knowledge of assembling process in software.


Acquired Associates Degree in Electronics from University of Sciences, London in the year 2004.


References are made available upon request.

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