Telecom Engineer Resume Example

Telecom Engineer Resume

The telecom engineer is responsible for development, designing and evaluating the installation and working of the telecommunication processes. Telecom engineer has to work closely with the broadcast and electrical engineering branch as it involves designing telecom equipments like telephone and data services. The telecom engineer with the use of various materials creates and develops telecom equipments as per the designs analyzed by them.

The engineer is required having a good knowledge ground of the telecom services and equipments working.

Telecom Engineer Resume Example

Tony Grog

Highway Street

Germany – 8574

Phone: 87-332-54



Summary of Qualification:

  • Experienced professional having experience of working as a telecom engineer.
  • Possess good analytical and strategic designing capabilities and can prove well in my field of work.
  • Proved excellent in working in a challenging position for development of telecom services.

Career Experience:


Tele Co.

Telecom Engineer

  • Designed optical and digital illusions for the mobile and calculator series.
  • Managed reports and formulated them citing the project developments and their analysis.
  • Managed phone repair systems and created reports of these work.


Dell Corporations

Telecom Engineer

  • Managed databases storing records of work analyses.
  • Advised users and customers on safe and proper phone handling.
  • Scrutinized finished project works by the staff.
  • Supervised new staff and trained them on effective working techniques.

Educational Qualifications:

1998-2001: Bachelors in Telecom Engineering, Engineering College

2001-2003: Masters in Telecom Engineering, Engineering College

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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