Technology Resumes

A technology resume must be a good reflection of a person’s technology ability and proficiency. The set-up should be easy with individual categories for fast scan of a job seeker’s knowledge, achievement, and talents by a boss.

Job profiles in this category are network engineers, technology manager, database administrator, etc. A resume shall make your employer realise your worth in a matter of minutes. You shall be hired only if you write a precise resume as well as one where there are sufficient details about you.

Always keep these factors in mind while preparing a technology resume:

  • After a short objective, list down the work history with explanation of the tasks performed.
  • Remove all unnecessary information and skills from the resume.
  • Highlight your accomplishments, special projects undertaken, technology ability in favour of you etc.
  • Follow your job history with your aptitude. First list all the vital certificates and degree obtained in technology and then mention education from school and university.
  • You may use keywords to support your resume with a mystical power.
  • You must list your specialized field of technology and special interest in any particular field.

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