Structural Engineer Resume Example

Structural Engineer Resume

Structural Engineers are experts in making designs for structures such as houses, buildings, parks, hospitals, bridges, aircrafts and even arenas.  They ensure that these structures are in best conditions and that they are safe for people to use.  As part of their job, they make routine inspections and evaluations of existing structures and identify weaknesses and strengths.  They work in close cooperation with the architects and down on the construction floor if necessary.  To be successful, they must have keen skills in engineering and strong decision-making skills as well.

Structural Engineer Resume Example

Andrew Owens

2734 Houston

Texas, 7687

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Highly experienced Structural Engineer seeking for the same position in any business industry

Summary of Qualification

  • With more than three years experience in handling construction of structures especially infrastructures
  • Excellent knowledge and practice of engineering principles and theories to actual conditions
  • Highly skilled in drafting structure designs and using computer aided design software to accomplish these
  • Good communication and organizational skills
  • With abilities to lead and supervise the construction of projects

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – present: Structural Engineer, KMC Construction

  • Planned and developed the designs for the construction of roads, bridges and buildings for the clients
  • Evaluated and assessed the project before, during and after the construction and completion
  • Reviewed accuracy of reports from the construction sites and regularly did routine inspections
  • Drafted project proposals with budgetary allocations if requested
  • Made recommendations for potential projects and activities
  • Conducted research on the feasibility of product development
  • Provided the management with vital information necessary to ensure quality and sound decision-making

2006 – 2008: Project Specialist, Seers Construction

  • Developed products for the company that would aid the fast implementation of operations
  • Made and implemented product designs as offshoot of the evaluation of existing products
  • Did routine inspections for quality control of the company’s products


2004-2006: Master of Science in Engineering, South Houston University

2000-2004: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, University of Texas

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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