Security Manager Resume

Security Manager Resume

Security managers are professionals who manage security in an organization or a club. They deploy security personnel to maintain peace and order in the organization. They supervise the work of the security personnel and recruit new ones when wanted.

The security manager himself should be a strong willed sturdy person who can manage a whole security agency and its staff.

Security Manager Resume Example

Francis Smith

Streetway Drive

Germany – 8567

Phone: 76-332-54



Summary of Qualification:

  • Possess effective organizational and managerial skills to maintain and regulate a security agency.
  • Experienced professional proved efficient in developing the security status of the region.
  • Possess the ability to work in both rigid and flexible time schedules.

Career experience/Job History:


Oswal Security Solutions

Security Manager

  • Trained personnel in effective security measures and guard techniques.
  • Deployed security personnel to individuals in need and also clubs and organizations.
  • Trained recruited staff in handling of advanced security tools like bullet hide camera, alarm call systems etc.
  • Handled law enforcement strategies and maintained amongst the staff.


Delta Security Force

Security Manager

  • Developed and updated force of new security maintenance techniques
  • Maintained records of force personnel and evaluated their health and fitness.
  • Took anti crime and anti thief measures in the region to prevent corruption or steals.

Educational Qualification:

1999-2001: Bachelors in Science, College of Science Studies.

2001-2003: Degree in Security Management, University.

2003-2004: Diploma in Advanced Security Drives, University.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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