Sales Coordinator Resume Example

The duty and responsibility of a sales coordinator is to achieve an ambitious sales index for the better goodwill of the company. It is his job to motivate his team to work efficiently for better sales results, through means of incentives and bonus on the completion of a sales target. He plays a very important role in establishing long term relationships with the prospective consumers.

If you are looking for such a job, then you have to build a strong resume first to give you an edge over the other applicants. For this, apart from the educational qualifications and experience, make it a point to mention your personal skills, such as leadership skills, teamwork, and inter-personal communication skills.

Here is a sample of such a resume which will guide you in making an effective resume of your own.

Sales Coordinator Resume Sample

Coraline Stevenson

352, Mainsfield Park.

New York City, 6926301

Phone Number: 9472-429-472

Email Id:

Personal Profile:

  • A keen, responsible and dedicated professional who works for the progress of the organization.
  •  A successful background in the field of sales.
  • A relaxed social demeanor with a pleasing personality and excellent inter-personal communication skills.


  • High School Diploma,

Mount Carmel High School.

  • Degree in Marketing,

State University of New York.

Work Experience:

  1. Singer Consulting Private Limited.

Sales Coordinator.

  • Preparation of documents such as the Performa, Invoice, etc.
  • Organizing meetings with the Industrialists, Corporates, etc.
  • Assigning, coordinating and delegating work with the Sales Team.
  • Working on the promotion of products/services offered by the companies to a selected group of prospective clients.
  • Being well organized, and maintaining a record of the files, documents, etc.

Soft Skills:

  • Presentable in appearance.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to deal with various kinds of clients, with patience and conviction.

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