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Nursing Resumes

Nursing has always been considered as one of the noblest professions. With its associations of caring and healing, it has provided employment to many a Florence Nightingale who has chosen to turn their compassion into a vocation. However, this demand for nursing jobs also means an increase in the number of job aspirants seeking to make it big in the nursing world. And what distinguishes oneself among this crowd of aspirants is one’s resume. Nursing resumes are a brief overview of one’s career interests, qualifications and achievements that would strengthen one’s candidacy claims as a competent nurse.

Since nursing resumes serve as a prologue arguing one’s candidacy claims to the recruiters, it is important that the resume is constructed with absolute accuracy and precision. Following are a few tips that may guide one in drafting an impressive nursing resume:

  • The resume header must comprise of the candidate’s name and contact information.
  • An effective nursing resume is one that has an attractive and interesting objective statement. An objective statement is where one must state one’s career interests; mention the job position sought and describe one’s aspirations and expectations from the career.
  • The qualifications summary must be comprehensive and factual. It is important that they are stated in a chronological order in a way that it highlights the most important achievements and yet refrains from bragging.
  • All information provided must be relevant to the job sought.
  • The resume must be composed in a way that it provides enough reasons to the recruiter to hire this person over the others.

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