Restaurant Assistant Resume Example

A restaurant assistant is an individual who works as assistant to the manager of a restaurant or a fast food centre. They are responsible for directing, coordinating and looking after the management of the staff in the restaurant. The candidate applying for this position must have good communication, managerial and interpersonal skills. The restaurant assistant resume should highlight the work experience of the candidate in the restaurant industry and his skill sets.

Sample Restaurant assistant resume example

Name: John Woo

Gender: male

Date of birth: 21st of May 1982

Nationality: Chinese

Permanent address: 45 High End Street, North Dakota, New Carolina 5678

Residential contact number: 67890

Mobile phone number: 45678

E mail id:

Career Objective:

I wish to work as restaurant assistant in a reputed restaurant where I can use my skill sets and experience for the growth of the restaurant as well as my career.

Skill sets:

  • Work experience in the restaurant industry
  • Excellent knowledge of the work procedure in the restaurant industry
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Very responsible as a human being
  • Good knowledge of computer, especially in software like MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power point

Educational qualification:

  • Bachelors in hotel management from Oscar School of Hotel Management in the year 2006
  • Masters in hospital management from Colorado School of Business in the year 2008

Work experience:

Currently working in Dining House since 2009 as a restaurant assistant. My work profile included assisting the restaurant manager in managing the restaurant and ensuring that food is served to the customer on time. I was also responsible for checking that all customers are catered to efficiently.

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