Research Position Resume Example

There are various research positions in a company where an individual can work depending upon the role and the job profile.  These professionals are responsible for carrying out multiple research work as per the needs and requirements. A candidate working in the field of research must have thorough knowledge of his/her subject and must have good analytical skills. A resume for the research professional must be drafted in such a manner so that it showcases the skill sets, qualifications as well as the experience of the candidate in an effective manner.

Research Position Resume Example


Personal Details:

Andrew Marsh

45,Bridg town street ,London


Mobile Number: 896746543654

Telephone Number:789655


Career Objective:

Looking forward to carry out research work with an esteemed organization where my skill sets can be best utilized.

On Job  experience:

Working research scientist at the MVK Automobile Corporation since 2008

Work Undertaken :

  • Undertaken extensive research work to increase the efficiency of petrol and diesel engines.
  • I have taken up one year exclusive research projects for vehicle dynamics.
  • Developed new aerodynamic vehicle body and model design.
  • Designed and developed low emission environment friendly engines.


  • Extensive knowledge over the automobile technology subject.
  • Ability to use theoretical knowledge in real life and practical applications.
  • Good mathematic and analytical skills.
  • Ability to diagnose the problem quickly
  • Desire to invent some new technology in the field of automobile technology.

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