Research Experience Resume Example

Research experience can be associated with many fields such as science, technology, finance etc. Irrespective of the field of research it is important for the candidate to highlight the research experience obtained in a clear and chronological manner. The candidate should clearly mention the areas of expertise acquired apart from giving the theoretical experience acquired through educational pursuits. Given below is a sample resume of a plant research analyst for reference.

Sample Plant Research Experience Resume


Personal Information

John Ashcroft,

#12, Sheffield,

South Yorkshire,

London, S25

Career Objective

Looking forward to work in a biological research organization which will help me to hone my research skills in the long run.

Summary of skills

  • In depth knowledge of various procedures for genetic research of plants.
  • Capable of working with multiple projects with ease.
  • Capable of working in a team as well as independently in an efficient manner.
  • Possess passion to extend research and acquire as much knowledge as possible in newer areas of genetic research.
  • Capable of delivering good quality research within stipulated time frame.

Work Experience

  • Work Present- Working as plant research assistant in Jerome research institute from 2009 till present. Job responsibilities include conducting research on new breeds of plant cultivation, preparation of necessary initial guidelines for research projects; publish latest cultivation techniques in agricultural magazines, working on projects that involved genetic structure modification of plants etc.
  • Work Previous- Worked as a Biology Lecturer in London Science University from 2005 to 2009. Job responsibilities included teaching biotechnology students apart from guiding students who were required to undertake research projects as part of course curriculum of the University.

Educational Qualifications

  • Master’s┬áDegree in Biotechnology from London University of Science in the 2005.
  • Bachelor’s┬áDegree in Biotechnology from London University of Science in the year 2003.


References are available on professional request.

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