Research Associate Resume Example

Research Associate Resume

A research associate conducts research under the supervision of a senior researcher. He is employed under the researcher guidance and supervision and assists the researcher in the project and in managing records and facts.

The research assistant is required having knowledge about the ways and rules maintained while conducting research.

Research Associate Resume Example

Gary Gill

Delton Road

France – 8578

Phone: 65-332-54



Summary of Qualification:

I am an experienced professional conducting research theories and evaluating them practically.

I have good analytical skills and communicating skills. I have conducted various research analyze tests.

Career Experience/Job Hisotry:


National Biotech Research Laboratory

Research Associate

  • Recruited new staff and trained them for further research work.
  • Maintained reports and forwarded them to the senior staff.
  • Supervised regular research study at sites.


Higher Analysis Research Center

Research Associate

  • Maintained details of research reports and filed them and updated them on websites.
  • Re examined researched samples and reports for further study.
  • Managed equipments of tests and brought new advanced tools for improvised tests.

Educational Qualification:

1998-2000: Masters in Research Analysis, University

1995-1998: Bachelors in Research Analysis, Study Center College.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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