Radiology Technician Resume Example

A radiology technician is a person who undertakes imaging of the human body for identification of any ailments. The role of a radiology technician revolves around activities such as development of radiographic images, use of radiological techniques to identify ailments, administer X-rays etc. The role of a radiology technician is one that seeks a lot of precise decision making and independent working which along with skill sets and qualifications should be presented in a well framed manner in the resume of the candidate. A radiology technician resume example is given below.

Sample Radiology Technician resume example

Name: Lucinda Williams

Address:  56#1, Stocksfield, Northumberland,London, NE15

Contact Number – 999-999-9999

Email –


Seeking a position of a radiology technician that utilizes my extensive experience and knowledge in the field of radiology.

Skills Summary

  • Ability to help patients coming for diagnosis with severe pain.
  • Possess complete knowledge of all aspects of radiology for suitable treatment to patients.
  • Complete knowledge of all radiology instruments.
  • Good oral and written communication apart from eye for detail.
  • Have excellent knowledge of basic human anatomy to assist in handling patients with any ailment confidently.


1)      Working as Radiology technician in Cleveland Cancer Hospital from year 2009 till date.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Emergency care to patients in radiology department.
  • Was incharge of providing necessary interventions to patients on advice from doctor.
  • Followed all procedures related to upkeep and care of radiology equipment.

2)      Previously worked as a Radiology technician in London super specialty hospital from year 2007 to year 2009.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Incharge of patients’ right from radiology treatment till final report.
  • Co-ordinate with other members of the radiology department to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Supervise inventory of radiology films at periodical intervals and restore supplies when necessary.
  • Incharge of X-ray equipment for screening breast cancer patients.


Bachelors of Science in radiology from Louthshire University, London in the year 2007.


References are available on professional request.

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