Process Engineer Resume Example

Process Engineers are in charge of assessing operational processes usually related in manufacturing and the chemical industry.  They analyze the activities involved in each stage of the process and evaluate whether these stages generate the desired outcomes.  Process Engineers develop economical industrial processes for a wide number of products including food, drinks, clothing, fuel, medicines, chemicals and other items.

They design equipment and identify the processes these equipment must be able to carry out to generate the product.  They are highly knowledgeable in applying the skills of mass, momentum and heat transfer to the processes that the designed equipment must be able to perform.

Process Engineer Resume Template

Benjamin Moore

57676 Brent St.

Bakersville, Maine 7893

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Hardworking and dependable individual seeking for a position as Process Engineer

Summary of Qualification

  • With over 2 years of experience in process development and experimentation
  • Very good mathematics, computation and data presentation skills
  • Highly organized designing, drafting and implementing designs with experience in process assessment and evaluation
  • Highly dependable, works on schedule and can follow instructions with minimal supervision

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Process Engineer, Tints Fabric Manufacturing

  • Used applied principles of heat transfer and reactions for the evaluation of the processes in the manufacturing of fabric
  • Developed equipment designs to ensure effective and accurate performance of the manufacturing
  • Conducted inspections and identified areas needing repairs and renovations
  • Informed management of possible equipment and product development
  • Made necessary presentation reports according the requirement of the management
  • Supported the conversion of small scale processes to commercially large scale operations

2004-2008: Project Manager, Bayer Industries

  • Designed and implemented the creation of equipment and tools for the chemical company
  • Tested and evaluated the efficiency of machines from the generated products
  • Made reports and identified recommendations necessary for the company


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Engineering, University of Maine

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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