Pre- School Teacher Resume Example

A pre-school teacher resume refers to the document which an aspiring or already employed pre-school teacher uses to present himself or herself to a prospect employer. Pre-school education, also referred to as infant education is the provision of education to the children within the age group of two to five years of age.

It is the education before the obligatory or the statutory education starts. It is the stepping stone of one’s life and hence the teachers providing the education must be well skilled, trained and appropriately knowledgeable.

Sample Pre- School Teacher Resume

Name: Ms. Jenna Patron

Address: 345, Plymouth Watts Street, New Jersey, United States of America

Phone Number: 43534636

Email Id:

Academic Record:

2009- 2010: Certificate in Pre-school Administration, State Institute of Education, Minnesota, USA.

2008- 2009: Diploma in Education, State Institute of Education, Minnesota, USA

2005- 2008: Bachelors of  Arts (Mathematics), St. Margret College, University Minnesota, USA

2005: Completed high school, Warbler Gill High School, Minnesota, USA

Work Experience and Training:

2009- 2010: Pre-school teacher and event manager, Holly Children Pre-school, Minnesota, USA.

Duties/ Responsibilities:

  • Manage and teach the 35 pre-school kids.
  • Help in organizing the kids for any special events.
  • Make the students comfortable and handle each issue with utmost care.
  • Manage the records of each and every student and correspond to the guardians/ parents.

2010- present: Teacher, Gallon Pines Private Pre-school, Minnesota, USA.

Duties/ Responsibilities:

  • Ensure each student in the class of 30, is paid equal and adequate attention.
  • Take care of the students throughout the school hours including lunch breaks and outdoor activities.
  • Encourage each student to take part in the class and school events.
  • Conduct class, then tests, quizzes, reviews etc.
  • Report to the parents with the student report on regular basis.

Hobbies and Interests:

Painting/ sketching.

Listening to music.

Reading novels, books.

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