Optical Lab Technician Resume Example

An optical lab technician is an individual who is responsible for preparing contact lenses for patients and also developing prescription glasses for them. They generally work in close proximity with optometrists and opticians and might need to take training under them before applying for a job.

In order to apply for the job of an optical lab technician, an individual needs to frame a detailed resume which talks about his/her skills, qualifications and work experience details. A sample of one such optical lab technician resume examples has been given below.

Sample Optical Lab Technician Resume Example

Greg Fredrick

W/3, Westfield road, London



Work Objective

Seeking a challenging job position of an optical lab technician in an optical store where I would get a chance to utilize my educational qualifications and my skills and put them to good use.

Educational Qualifications

  • 2003-completed high school education from St. Xavier’s high school, Bristol.
  • 2005-completed associate degree in optical lab work from London.
  • 2006-completed coursework in computer science.

Skills and Area of Expertise

  • Good eye for detail and exceptional observations skills.
  • Manual dexterity and knowledge and expertise of optical instruments.
  • Excellent computer skills and software related knowledge.
  • Dedicated and hardworking nature
  • Punctuality and ability to work for long hours.

Work Experience

  • 2007-2008-worked as a trainee under an Optician at a popular optical institute in London
  • 2008-2012-was employed at Richmond’s Optical solutions as an optical lab technician where I was responsible for the preparation of contact lenses and glasses for patients and customers.
  • 2012-present-was employed at Gregory Optical stores as a lab technician and gained a lot of experience with modern day lab techniques and improved instruments.


  • Mr. Tim Dawson, head of Richmond’s Optical Solutions, London
  • Mr. Harvard Nathan-Gregory Optical stores manager, London

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