Oil Worker Resume Example

Oil Field Worker Resume

The oil field worker is a person who works in a oil field. The worker works to drill and explore out oil from under the earth’s surface using modern and technical equipments made specially for drilling deep into the earth.

The oil field worker is required having good knowledge base of the oil service.

Oil Worker Resume Example

John Smith

Delta Road

Wales – 8754

Phone: 43-556-54

Email: john77@ycmail.com


Summary of Qualifications:

  • Experienced professional proved efficient in working in an oil field
  • Possess good analytical skills and the ability to work in a time bound frame schedule.

Career Experience/Job History:


Mumbai High

Oil Field Worker

  • Prepared reports of drilling amounts done regularly.
  • Trained new staff and workers for drilling methods.
  • Reviewed projects of using crude oil into different forms.
  • Reported progress and working evaluation of the new staff.


Saudi Arabia Oil Field

Oil Field Worker

  • Analysed drilling plans and policies to promote effective drilling.
  • Interacted with seniors to evaluate exploring oil policies.
  • Scrutinized the workers so that they are maintaining safety guidelines and policies.

Educational Qualification:

1998-2001: Bachelors in Petroleum Operations, Center for Petroleum Studies.

2001-2003: Masters in Petroleum Operations, Center for Petroleum Studies.

Professional reference will be added upon request.

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