Nightclub Security Person Resume Example

Nightclub Security Person Resume

A nightclub security person (informally known as a bouncer) is a person who is employed at bars, nightclubs and concerts to provide security and to check aggressive behavior, legal age and any sort of fights or problems. They scrutinize the entry of the people and if any problem occurs on the club, they take control of the persons creating confusion.

Nightclub Security Person Resume Example

Richard Gill

Rover Road

France – 9574

Phone: 86-332-65



Summary of Qualification:

  • Experienced professional working in the nightclub security field.
  • Possess good fitness capabilities and analytical and a strong skills to handle situations efficiently.
  • Possess a proper license for nightclub security and capable of managing confusion creators well.
  • Experienced in carrying out practical evaluation of recruiting personnel for the club protection and providing training facilities to the staff.

Career Experience/Job History:


CliffStone Nightclub

Security Person

  • Provided security to the members and the dancers.
  • Control fights and argument situations effectively without further misconduct.
  • Engaged more security personnel during rush times and late nights.


Muse Nightclub

Security Person

  • Prepared reports and evaluated them to the owner and authorities as well as the local police and security patron outpost.
  • Evicted and managed misbehavior customers.
  • Interacted sessions with the owner to give weekly reports of any incidents n the club and the running of the club.

Educational Qualifications:

1999-2002: Bachelors in Arts, Ford College.

2002-2003: Diploma in Security Evaluation, Security Solutions Center.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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