Mental Health Counselor Resume Example

A mental health counselor resume example is a document which highlights the skills and qualifications which must be present in order to make an impression as a mental health counsellor job applicant. The resume must be created in such a way that the educational qualifications and professional experiences of the candidate is emphasised to show that he is the right man for the job.

Sample Mental Health Counselor Resume Example

Annie Bell Lawrence

Address: 9309 Flower Alley, Kansas

Mobile Number: 389672300

Telephone Number: 45398930


Career Objective:

Working towards understanding and counselling patients with mental illness, helping them cope with their surroundings and conditions in a sympathetic and systematic manner


  • Good communication skills and ability to empathise with patients
  • Ability to remain calm under stressful conditions and pressure
  • Dedicated and sharp diagnostic skills

Professional experience:

2006-2010: Worked as a private therapist counselling patients with various mental illnesses helped them cope with ailments like depression, physical abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, schizophrenia, manic depressive or bipolar disorder and so on

2010-present: Working as a counsellor in National Mental Illness Hospital, Chicago treating patients and counselling patients suffering from mental illness and advising them to live life positively

Main job responsibilities:

  • Listening to patients and providing them with the right medicines and counselling to deal with their problems
  • Counselling both patients and their families
  • Providing them treatment options and information

Educational background:

  • Master’s degree in psychology from University of Chicago in 2006
  • Bachelor’s degree in sociology from University of Chicago in 2004

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