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Working in the media industry means having the right attitude backed with excellent skills in communication in general.  While media in essence means “a medium” or channel through which information or messages are sent, it can never be discounted that the term is more popularly related, if not equaled to, mass media.

To have a career in media would therefore collectively mean having a job in the mass media or other forms of more personal media such through development communication utilities.  Mass media refers to all media technologies including the internet, television, newspaper and radio being the most popular of its form.  In the highly industrialized global community, print media has suffered popularity as most people prefer to use electronic media these days.

Careers in media are flourishing for the popular TV and internet media.  For TV, broadcasters, scriptwriters, camera men, props men, directors and reporters are in high demand.  On the other hand, web designers, content writers and copywriters are highly needed for the internet.

To be qualified to work in the media industry, it is necessary to have practical and technical skills in communication since media falls under the science of communication.  Writing and editing skills are significant and the ability to express and verbalize thoughts and opinions are great for TV and the radio.  These professions may be practiced in publishing, journalism, movie and entertainment, news and audio visual arts.

Media practitioners must exude confidence because they have ability to create sound public opinions from in depth research and evaluation.

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