Maintenance Technician Resume Example

Maintenance Technician Resume

The maintenance technician performs multiple tasks like repairing, fitting and maintenance of minor equipments in the project. Maintenance of lighting, water pipes, drainage etc are some of the tasks taken up by the maintenance technician.

The person is required to know about how to perform these duties and the efficient working systems of these factors.

Maintenance Technician Resume Example

Gary Frost

Edin Road

Wales – 8463

Phone: 55-335-33



Summary of Qualification:

  • Possess good analytical and knowledge base of the working systems of the various equipments of the project.
  • Proved effective in the maintenance of the equipments and tools.

Career Experience/ Job History:

2006- Present:

Telly Construction Works,


  • Repaired the lighting sector in the five building project. Managed light fixtures, bulbs, ceiling lights etc to beautify them.
  • Repaired concrete foundations and repaired wall floorings, painting evaluations etc in the project.
  • Maintained various equipments used in the construction project and managed their safekeeping.


Delta Works,


  • Supervised the proper security and lighting fixtures in the construction projects.
  • Maintained lists of resources required in these works and reported to the builders.
  • Responsible for repairing electrical equipments, lifts, machineries etc fitted in the buildings.


2000-2003: Bachelors in Construction Analysis, Construction Studies Academy.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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