Lab Technician Resume Example

The job of a lab technician is very demanding and usually requires multi-tasking.  Some of the essential tasks that are typically performed by lab technicians are taking and storing blood samples, performing various tests according to the doctor’s prescription, responsible for delivering results of tests done, upkeep of lab equipment and a lot more. The person applying for the position of a lab technician should have strong analytical skills and required technical education to be eligible for the job and these must be presented in the lab technician resume example.

Sample Lab Technician Resume Example

Walsh Helen

#3, Oldham,                                                                                                   Home – 123-456-7890

Lancashire,                                                                                                     Cell – 09876543210

London, OL2                                                                                       


To attain the position of a lab technician in a reputed chemical manufacturing company that helps me hone my testing and analysis skills.


  • Specialize in production sample testing including scientific collection of sample and quality testing methods.
  • Very good at diagnosis and identification of trouble areas in chemical compounds.
  • Excellent with procedures related to laboratory safety protocols and trouble shooting.
  • Follow strict compliance to requirement of standard regulatory requirements.

Capable of undertaking chemical experiments independently.


  • Working as assistant lab technician from 2008 till present in ABC Chemical Manufacturing Company and worked on acid concentration project, High performance liquid chromatography, pH testing project etc.
  • Worked as junior lab technician in XYZ Company from 2007 to 2008 where primary responsibilities included collection of chemical samples, setup lab equipments and instruments for experiment, disposal of experiment waste etc.


  • Diploma in Laboratory Management System from Institute of Chemical testing in the year 2008.Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Lancashire University in the year 2007.

Technical Expertise

  • Possess hands on experience in working on pH meters, conductivity meters, density and sound velocity meters, titration meters etc.
  • Have working knowledge on Karl Fischer method and Titration methods used in chemical testing.


  • References are available on request.

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