HR Specialist Resume Example

HR Specialist Resume

HR Specialists provide information to employees regarding the rules, regulations and policies of the company.  They are members of the HR team that are tasked to a specific task.  They may be tasked to provide knowledge of the budget management policies, civil service codes and internal policies to the employees.  They serve as an intermediary between the employees and the management handling grievances and supervising the performance of the employees.  They may be asked to prepare invoices and payment related to payroll issues.

HR Specialist Resume Example

Glenda Johnson

876 Jacskon St.

Mississippi, 76889

Phone: (878) 908-909


Highly experienced professional seeking for work opportunities as HR Specialist in any company requiring HR services

Summary of Qualification

  • With almost five years experience in rendering HR services to several companies
  • Highly knowledgeable in labor laws and employment policies
  • Very analytical and implements responsibilities with respect to in-house policies and financial goals of the company
  • Competitive in the use of computer software and programs necessary to hasten information management
  • Keen on details and with abilities to generate HR plans with prior consultation with the management
  • Very personable with excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Career Experience/Job History

2008 to present: HR Specialist, Jobs and Recruitment

  • Assessed and evaluated company HR policies as tested on the production ground and identified areas requiring enhancement or revisions
  • Conducted employee orientation programs regarding company rules and policies involving benefits, payroll and grievance
  • Regularly made consultations with the management to report data and information and generate expected results from employee operations
  • Provided advises and recommendations to the management on policy implementations and business procedures as needed

2004-2008: HR Coordinator, Toyota Mississippi

  • Handled and managed all employee activities
  • Reviewed and evaluated operations and employment records
  • Conducted regular meetings with the management for discussion of reports and projections


2002-2004: Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management, University of Mississippi

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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