Hotel Security Resume Example

Hotel Security Resume

A hotel security officer is a professional who provides security to a hotel. He protects the hotel premises against theft and other problem issues. He ensures the safety of the guests and the property of the hotel. The security person patrols the hotel premises ensuring safety and looking for any suspicious outward happenings. I have maintained security policies and have effective organizational skills.

Hotel Security Resume Example

Gary Tin

Swift Road

Germany – 8574

Phone: 86-334-65



Summary of Qualifications:

  • Possess efficient analytical skills and can work in time bound flexible environments and schedules.
  • Proved efficient as security personnel and capable of being effective in risk or emergency conditions.
  • Possess good knowledge base of the hotel security requirements and the laws.

Career Experience/Job History:


Palm Hotels.

Hotel Security Personnel

  • Recruiting security officers and staff for hotel protection
  • Managing and handling reports to the management about the security situation.
  • Keeping note of guests’ entries and supervising their activities.
  • Regulating safety and order in the hotel premises,


Gordon Hotels.

Hotel Security Personnel

  • Provided visitors with security services during their stay and travel in the city.
  • Patrolling the hotel premises daily to check any suspicious outward happenings.
  • Made reports of daily analysis of the premises and notified the administration.

Educational Qualification:

1999-2002: Bachelors in Arts, School of Arts Studies.

2002-2004: Masters in Arts, University.

2004-2005: Diploma in Security Techniques and Protection Analysis, Security Study Center.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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