Health Worker Resume Example

A health worker resume example is a document describing the work experience and qualifications that a person looking for a job as a health worker needs. The resume must highlight all the basic responsibilities and skills that a health worker must have so that the employer feels he will be able to do his work properly and knows how to take care of patients.

Sample Health Worker Resume Example

Joshua Jefferson

Address: 839 East Anderson Lane, Austin

Mobile Number: 849589433

Telephone Number: 39458943


Career Objective:

Aspiring for a role where I can contribute towards helping patients and be there for them and also aid doctors in treatments and daily operations

Educational history:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2009 from University of Chicago
  • High school degree in 2003 from St Jude’s High School
  • Diploma in medical aid program from Anthony’s Community College
  • License from the state of Illinois in 2010

Professional experience:

2010-present: Working as a health worker in St Claire’s Diagnostic Clinic

2009-2010: Worked as a volunteer and then as a doctor’s assistant in a private nursing home

Areas of exposure:

  • Working with patients and with junior staff members helping doctors treat patients
  • Keeping proper records of patient’s medical history
  • Participating in health programs in the community to make people aware of diseases and their prevention


  • Empathy and sensitivity while listening to patients
  • Very good communication skills and remain calm under pressure
  • Hardworking and can work for long and stressful hours
  • Good management skills and adept at basic computer functions

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