Graduate Nurse Resume Example

A graduate nurse is one who has pursued her degree in graduation in Nursing at a Nursing Training School and has also completed hours of hospital practice. Graduate nurses may practice practical or professional nursing only once they have obtained a permanent or a temporary license after submission of educational manuscripts, thorough criminal check and the deposit of fees. A graduate nurse can practice only under the guidance and supervision of a registered nurse.

For a graduate nurse, here is a sample of the resume given which would help one in landing the job of their choice.

Graduate Nurse Resume Sample:

Personal Details

Name:                                                                                              Celia Alexander

Address:                                                                                          123, East Sunrise Road,

California – 1083713

E-mail Id:                                                                             

Contact Number:                                                                            369204237


  • Obtained the License of Registered Nurse,2005
    • #57204720.
    • AlS Certification.
    • Pursued Bachelors of Science in Nursing, 2004
      • State University of California, 3701401.
      • GPA- 3.75

Experience in Nursing

  • Sea Port Medical Facility, California                                                    [2005- 2009]
    • As a licensed Professional Nurse.
    • Have the experience of working night shifts for a 40-bed district.

Clinical Training

  • Maintained the quality and standard of nursing while attending to all kinds of patients, from taking care of the newborn infants to the geriatric.
  • Attended on the postpartum and perinatal patients.
  • Maintained accurate reports on the condition of patients, under the supervision of the RN.
  • Assisted the RN in administering the Intravenous, Intra muscular medications, etc.
  • Served as a source of communication to the patient’s family about the medicinal procedures to be followed, therapy sessions, etc.

Summary of skills:

  • Seeking to work in a reputable institution for advancement of career.
  • Ability to deal with the sick in a patient manner, to understand their grievances.
  • Diligent and flexible, can perform and be of assistance even late at night.
  • An amicable personality which establishes an efficient interface with the patients and their families.

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