Electrical Engineer Resume Example

Electrical Engineer Resume

Electrical Engineers perform a number of responsibilities in engineering related to electrical instruments.  They design, implement, maintain and improve electrical equipment and apparatus for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes.  As such, they must be skilled in the use of computers to assist them in designs.  This is made available with the wide variety of computer design software that ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the designed systems and products.  Electrical Engineers perform detailed calculations and computations for them to reach the target specifications necessary for the designed products.

Electrical Engineer Resume Example

Cassandra Burns

781, Alexander 2nd Street,


Phone: 980-578-0982


Career Objective:

A dedicated individual seeking for a position as Electrical Engineer in any reputable company

Summary of Qualifications

  • With professional experience in the field of electrical systems and product development
  • Excellent skills in Computer Aided Design software available for electrical operations
  • Creative and resourceful in implementing tasks and responsibilities under schedule
  • Can work under extreme pressure and deliver expected output under minimal supervision
  • Has the ability to multi-task and use practical knowledge in resolving occurring situations

Career Experience/Job History

2007-2010:  Electrical Engineer, GS Electric Company

  • Prepared and printed electrical designs for products based on projects and client requirements
  • Communicated with management to update and present designs and implementation plan
  • Prepared and studied technical drawings, specifications of electrical systems and ensured safe and efficient installation
  • Identified material and tools necessary for the execution of electrical systems and drafted budgetary requirements for acquisition

2005-2007: Junior Electrical Engineer, Bell Electrical Company

  • Performed project production planning and implementation
  • Evaluated electrical systems and identified areas needing repair
  • Made detailed reports of data compiled specifically on potential engineering projects


2004-2007: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, University of Pennsylvania

Professional references available upon request.

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