Dental Technician Resume Example

A dental technician is one who assists the dentist with various activities such as preparation of the apparatus, dental models according to patient teeth and keeping the dental equipment before any procedure is undertaken by the dentist. The dental technician has to work under the guidance and supervision of the dentist and this requires qualities such as attentiveness, accuracy apart from the necessary technical educational qualifications. A well written resume plays a very important role in order to grab a job in this position as it showcases all the needed qualifications, skill sets and other details. A dental technician resume example is given below.

Sample Dental Technician Resume Example

Malcom Gregor Linton

#4 Barry · South Glamorgan, London, CF62

Phone Number – 123-456-7890 ·

Career objective

To build a lasting career in the field of dental technology which entails enhancement of my technical skills to the highest level.

Professional Experience

Dental Technician                                                                                         From 2007 till Present

Contact Dental Studio, London

  • Ensure proper functioning of all dental equipment in the studio.
  • Provide necessary technical support to the dentist before and during performance of surgical and dental procedures.
  • In charge of maintenance of dental medication and supplies at all times.

Relevant Skills

  • Possess very good skills in taking teeth impressions of patients with accuracy.
  • Good knowledge of dental procedures.
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Good computer skills to check dental images of patients.
  • Capable of solving technical issues in dental tools and equipments.


  • Completed Dental Technician Diploma from University of London with top grades in the year 2006.

Personal Profile

Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single
Blood Group: B -ve
Date of Birth: 26th August
Birthplace: Stocksfield, London
Hobbies: Gardening, music
Areas of Interest: Dentistry


References are available and will be provided on professional request of employer.

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