Customer Service Manager Resume Example

Customer Service Manager Resume

A customer service manager is responsible for handling individuals and agents in the call center environment. He normally handles 15-20 agents to comprise a team in the company. They are responsible for conducting meeting for information dissemination and updates about new processes and promotions offered by the company. They handle individual coaching for agents giving updates on their phone metrics, providing sanctions and memos and also motivation agents to follow company policies and rules and regulations.

Customer Service Manager Resume Example

Sean Matthews

14 SW Main St. Detroit

Michigan, 44264

Phone: (447) 817-8009


Motivating, professional and dependable manager seeking opportunities in a BPO company

Summary of Qualification

  • Experience in handling agents for coaching, updates, meeting and focus group discussions
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Outstanding knowledge in MS office applications such as MS Word, MS excel etc
  • Excellent listening skills and motivational skills for agents not only under the team but also with other agents
  • Result oriented and result driven for company objective and targets

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – present: Customer Service Manager; Aegis People Support

  • Handles 18 agents under a team to supervise and answer inquiries while taking inbound calls for the company
  • Conducts regular meeting and coaching’s to update agents of their development and standings on a weekly basis
  • Handles Focus Group discussions with agents, supervisors and human resources for inquiries and concerns with the work environment
  • Prepares reports, data management, development, absenteeism and metrics of agents o be used for reference and coaching
  • Receives supervisor calls from agents either for commendations or concerns
  • Prepares recommendation letters and provide feedback for agens applying for a higher or a different position in the company

2006-2008: Customer Service Representative; Convergys – Aegis People Support

  • Inbound call representative to handle phone inquiries and concerns from customers
  • Responsible for resolving concerns such as deferral of payments and extension of loans for Sallie Mae Loans


2002-2006: Bachelor of Science in English; University of Michigan

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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