Computer Technology Resume Example

Computer Technologist Resume

A Computer Technologist is a person related to disseminating services and information on computer technology and its application. The technician develops and introduces new computer hardware and software tools and computer technology techniques for the development of computers.

Computer technology relates to the software and the hardware development for their use in computers. It may also relate to the development and introduction of websites and super computers.

Computer Technology Resume Example

Francis Swift

Deft Road


Phone: 54-88-232



Summary of Qualification:

  • Possess good knowledge base on hardware and software tools.
  • Possess efficient presentation and analytical skills.
  • Efficient in creating and managing websites and portals.
  • Have implementation knowledge of different software appliances and programs like Microsoft Office tools, Web Client etc.
  • Have adequate knowledge on computer and technology assistance.

Career Experience/ Job History

2006- Present

Computech Network Inc.

Computer Technician

  • Configured software installations and set tem for further use.
  • Managed technical fallacies to make them feasible to use.
  • Improvised the networking systems and sites.
  • Introduced hardware infrastructure tools to develop the affected disks and drives.


Computer Services

Computer Technician

  • Assembled the computers and their tools as per the customers’ requirements.
  • Assisted the team in preparing reports of the services extended by the agency.
  • Maintained the computers brought to base.
  • Managed network port systems and website development.


1998-2001: Bachelors in Computer Analysis, Edutech Institute.

2001-2003: Masters in Computer Analysis, Edutech Institute.

Professional reference will be provided on request.

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