Clinical Research Manager Resume Example

Clinical research manager is responsible for motivating his entire team to be successful in their respective research assignments. The candidate is responsible for arranging all the tools and equipments required for the research work. He should help out the researchers working under him in case they face any technical glitches .He is responsible for coordinating his entire team and to synchronise them efficiently.  Resume for the person working in this job post must be drafted in an effective manner so as to attract the potential employer.

Clinical Research Manager Resume Example

Personal details

Name: Holman Christ

Address: 4/6 New Hi-tech Apartments

Prince Charlie Road, Western London


Mobile phone number -873556326

Telephone:    8646847

Educational Background

  • Passed my High School from Central School of London in the year 2000 with distinction marks.
  • Passed my bachelor of science from Texas University with over seventy per cent marks in the year 2003
  • Passed my masters in biological sciences from Central university of London in the 2005 with distinction.


  • Excellent communication skills and leadership qualities.
  • Understanding of the laws with respect to clinical research.
  • Experience of doing clinical research in blood transfusion related work.
  • Sound knowledge of medical terminology and definitions.
  • Excellent analytical and mathematical skills.
  • I have the expertise of handling multiple projects and co-ordinating them efficiently.
  • Accustomed to the problems faced during clinical research.
  • I can prepare research reports based on the data supplied by the researchers.

Job Experience

2005 to 2009 – Clinical Research Assistant, Woodworth Corporation

  • Carried on extensive research work on blood transfusion subject.
  • Held meeting with clients regarding their requirements.

2009- present- Clinical Research Manger Consultant, Neo Pharmacy Laboratory

  • Proof read the research work done by the junior researchers.
  • Synchronize the different research groups in order to make them cooperative amongst themselves.

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