Clinical Nurse Resume Example

Another name for a clinical nurse is an advanced-trained nurse. One can become a clinical nurse only after they have become a registered nurse. Their main work revolves around taking care of the patients, lessen their pains, to be responsible enough to take quick decisions in times of crisis, and communicate with the patients and their families about their medical. They train their subordinate staff and apply the theory to practical use.

For budding clinical nurses, looking to establish their profession in the world of medicine, here is a sample resume given:

Clinical Nurse Resume Sample:


Personal Details-

Name- Rosie Wills

Residence: 45, Detreoit Street

Ohio 2740264

E-mail Id:

Contact no: 3720-482-483


To apply my skills and knowledge in a reputed institution, and serve the sick will full dedication and motivation.

Educational Achievements-

       I.            Bachelor of Science in Nursing,

ABCD University, Southern California,


    II.            Master of Science in Nursing and Caring.

HRGE University, Southern California,


Professional Experience-

        1.      Clinical Nurse,

Family Health Facility, Vermont.

  • Accountable for the evaluation, formulation and implementation of policies and procedures.
  • Performed the diagnosis and documented the progress reports of the patients from time to time.
  • To listen to the queries and grievances of the patients and resolved them to the best of capabilities.

        2.      Clinical Nurse Specialist

Beaumont Hospital, Vermont.

  • Preparing plans for the treatment of the patients.
  • Assisted in family therapy and other kinds of treatments and therapies.


  1. A registered nurse who works on maintaining patient’s health and care, guide and assist the new staff in the execution and enforcement of various policies and procedures.
  2. Good written and oral communication skills for better inter-personal relationships with the patient and his family.
  3. A flexible attitude towards work, comfortable with putting in long hours of work as and when required.


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