Chef Resume Example

Chef Resume

A chef is a professional cook. He is a skilled and senior cook in a hotel or anywhere, and is regarded as a pro in every type of dishes. A chef professionally cooks for other people.

A chef is required having knowledge about of the various dishes and the ways of cooking. He should have enough knowledge about the different dishes to be able to cook as per the requirements of the customers.

Chef Resume Example

Ricky Ford

Delton Road

France – 9533

Phone: 98-322-64



Summary of Qualification:

  • Possess management skills to handle the kitchen well.
  • Know about the various national and international cuisines and menus
  • Possess the capabilities to mix up and produce a new dish.

Career Experience/Job History:


Frontier Bay Restaurants


  • Introduced new cuisines and traditional dishes in the menu.
  • Trained new junior cooks in preparing dishes and supervised their work.
  • Supervised dishes regularly of about the 500 guests served dinner everyday.


Food Express


  • Managed the junior cooks and also responsible for recruiting new ones.
  • Provided culinary training to the new recruited ones.
  • Supervised the working patterns and the food cooked by the juniors and ensured cordial combination communication among them.

Educational Qualifications:

1998-2001: Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Analysis, Culinary Institute.

2001-2002: Diploma in Development of New Cooking Techniques, Culinary Institute.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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