Undergraduate Research Resume Example

An undergraduate research candidate is one who is pursuing his graduation and is involved in some research projects simultaneously. The role of an undergraduate research candidate is more of temporary and internship type in nature. The candidate is involved in projects that are similar to the field of education being pursued. The candidate has to ensure that the project that he/she has undertaken gets completed with good quality and also on time. Apart from these the candidate is also expected to have good report making and analytical skills to record the data accurately in the project.

Sample Undergraduate Research Resume Example

Personal details

Name: David Paul Bennett

Address: #45, Maidstone,

Kent, London, ME17


Areas of Expertise

  • Possess the knowledge required to undertake research successfully.
  • Can handle samples and solutions with great ease which is necessary in any project.
  • Possess good observational and analytical skills.
  • Can work excellently without much of supervision apart from working well in a team as well.
  • Possess excellent report making and record keeping skills.

Work Experience

  • Jan 2011 to Present:

Crickhowell Health Resolutions limited(Research Assistant)


  • Assist in conducting research and experiments in chemistry lab.
  • Take down references and results of experiments and draw conclusions on experiments.
  • Initiate field survey for sample collection in the chemistry experiments being undertaken at the health research center.
  • Entrusted with the key responsibility of labeling samples acquired on field.

Educational Qualification

Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from University of Science, London.

Technical expertise

Capability to work on various research oriented projects which required computerized operations. Also familiar with using computer packages such as MS Word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access etc.


Dr. Simon Lara,

Head of the Department – Research

University of Science,

London, ME18

Telephone No: 111-222-3333

Email address – simon@examplemail.com

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