Transportation Dispatcher Resume Example

A transportation dispatcher is the individual who is responsible for responding to the service calls and coordinating the transportation schedules of the respective organization. The resumes that these individuals frame for themselves with the view of working in this segment of the industry are referred to as transportation dispatcher resume example.

The job of the dispatcher is critical to the proper and timely delivery or transportation of the commodity/ item; hence the individual has to be well trained and skilled. These are then to be well presented by the way of the resume so that the employer can make a well informed decision.

Sample Transportation Dispatcher Resume Example

Personal Details:

Name: Mr. Jack Thomas

Date of Birth: 11th  June 1987

Residence Address: 365, Bill & Steve Building, Hanson Lane, Ensor County, New Jersey, USA.

Residence No.: 673- 459- 111

Mobile No.: 982- 772- 411

Career Statement:

I wish to become a part of the prestigious organization and serve the role of a transportation dispatcher. My experience in this field has granted a lot of knowledge and confidence. Also my belief that every detail and task is important gives me an edge.

Educational Qualifications:

  • 2003- 2006: Bachelor of Arts, Jaden School of Distance Learning, California, USA.
  • 2003: Rivers Dale High School, Ensor County, New Jersey, USA; completed high school with GPA- 4.0

Work Experience:

2004- 2006:

Worked as an assistant transportation dispatcher at Benson & Marko Transportation Ltd., New Jersey, and USA.

  • Assisted the senior dispatcher in all the tasks and duties.
  • Guided the driver/ transporters in reference to the schedule set by the superiors.

2006- 2009:

Worked as transportation dispatcher at Mathew & Karen Transporters Ltd., New Jersey, USA.

2009- Present:

Employed as a senior transportation dispatcher at Willow& Seed Transportations Pvt. Ltd., New Jersey, and USA.


  • Planning, management and organizational skills.
  • Fluent at spoken English
  • Good time management skills.
  • Ability to handle pressure well.
  • Leadership qualities.

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