Telecom Sales Executive Resume Example

Telecom Sales Executive Resume

The telecom sales executive is responsible for increasing the customer base and increasing sale of the telecom company. The sales executive makes plans and strategic policies to develop the sales of that company products and services. He interacts with customers and people and informs them about the products of the company and their services thereby facilitating sales.

The sales executive is required having knowledge about the products and services to be able to let the customers know about them.

Telecom Sales Executive Resume Example

Richard Gorton

Francis Road

Ireland – 8674

Phone: 65-222-55



Summary of Qualification:

  • Possess excellent communication skills and analytical skills.
  • I have efficient negotiating and convincing capabilities to make the customers into buying products.
  • Seeking an effective position which will enhance me to develop my skills and provide best services.

Career Experience/Job History:


Swift Telecom

Sales Executive

  • Provided information to the customers by interacting with them.
  • Provided telephonic as well as mail interaction to aware them of the products.
  • Updated clients’ database and made transactions for product sales.
  • Updated customers about new services and products coming into the market.


Ford Telecommunications

Sales Executive

  • Sold new telecom product series to the regular clients.
  • Trained new recruited sales executives to develop sales.
  • Set targets for these executives to accomplish.
  • Improved sales by maximum output through strategic plans.

Educational Qualification:

1998-2001: Bachelors in Commerce, Commerce College.

2001-2002: Diploma in Sales Management, Commerce College.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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