Telecom Manager Resume Example

Telecom Manager Resume

A telecom manager supervises and manages the telecommunication working system. He directs the staff and workers in effective telecom services, as well as plan and maintain the telecom working equipment and services. The manager oversees the working progress of the staff in the telecom company.

The telecom manager is required having knowledge about the telecom services and working systems so as to manage their working and advancement.

Telecom Manager Resume Example

Joe Smith

Francis Road

Ireland – 8573

Phone: 86-333-65



Summary of Qualification:

  • Experienced professional having experience in management of telecom organization.
  • Possess efficient managerial and organizational skills and will prove best in providing my services as a manager.
  • Also have good communication skills and analytical capabilities.
  • Also possess good knowledge of the telecom field.

Career Experience/Job History:


Ford Telecom Solutions

Telecom Manager

  • Recruited new staff and provided training services for their development.
  • Assigned and planed schedules to the staff and provided targets to deliver.
  • Conducted technical evaluation of the products for their effective working.
  • Supervised staff in their work progress.


Tewen Telecom Company

Telecom Manager

  • Planned and made strategic policies for effective product making
  • Enlarged branches of the company to a wider reach enhancing more production and manpower supplement.
  • Communicated with clients and customers evaluating the services provided.
  • Managed budgets and spending of the company in tolls and resources and evaluated reports.

Educational Qualification:

1997-2000: Bachelors in Telecom Management, School of Management Studies.

2000-2002: Masters in Telecom Management, School of Management Studies.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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