Telecom Consultant Resume Example

Telecom Consultant Resume

A telecom consultant advises and recommends telecommunication products and tools to the customers. He analyses new telecom products of the market and recommends them to the customers when they search or enquire about it. A telecom consultant represents a number of companies in a way that he recommends whichever company produces the best product in that field.

The telecom consultant provides telephonic as well as personal interaction with the customers to give information to them about the services.

Telecom Consultant Resume Example

Richard Joe

Delta Street

Georgia – 8473

Phone: 43-66-756



Summary of Qualification:

  • Possess good analytical and communication skills to give enquire services to the customers.
  • Also have good negotiation skills and persuading capabilities.
  • Possess effective interpersonal skills and can deliver the work in the given time space.

Career Experience/Job History:


TEL Company.

Telecom Consultant

  • Conducted interactive sessions wit the customers to facilitate the product buying and recommended the best service products.
  • Conducted market research to analyze the demands of the people.
  • Studied market patterns of sales of the various company products and knew about new products.
  • Created reports of customer product analyses and forwarded to the companies.


Floyd Company

Telecom Consultant

  • Recruited team members for market study and analysis.
  • Developed networks and ports for their effective service providing.
  • Recommended best telecom services with affordable prices to the customers

Educational Qualifications:

1999-2002: Bachelors in Arts, School of Arts Studies.

2002-2003: Diploma in Computer Application, University.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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