Telecom Analyst Resume Example

Telecom Analyst Resume

A telecom analyst is responsible for maintenance of the telecom equipments. He evaluates the equipments and services and manages their proper functioning and working.

The telecom analyst has to know about the functioning of the various telecom equipments to be able to maintain their working. He has to take proper care of them and supervise their working form time to time.

Telecom Analyst Resume Example

John Ray

Francis Road

Ireland – 8574

Phone: 87-432-54



Summary of Qualification:

  • Proved efficient in ensuring effective condition running of the company and the equipments.
  • Possess good analytical skills and communication skills.
  • Also possess better organizational skills.

Career Experience/Job History:


Rure Telecoms

Telecom Analyst

  • Ensured effective running and working of the telecom systems and database control.
  • Supervised the staff handling the equipments and tools.
  • Checked the equipments and ensured proper working of them.
  • Repaired the errors occurred in the telecom system of the company when required.
  • Devised plans and strategies to simultaneously upgrade the system with new softwares and information.


Ford Telecommunications

Telecom Analyst

  • Provided solutions for the customers’ effective handling of the telecom products.
  • Conducted training programs to the new recruited staff as to teach the ways of handling and management of the telecom products and systems.
  • Analysed market for new telecom softwares to upgrade the systems.
  • Worked with the team assigned to develop new telecom systems

Educational Qualifications:

1999-2002: Bachelors in Telecom Analysis, Center for Telecom Management Studies.

2002-2004: Masters in Telecom Analysis, Center for Telecom Management Studies.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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