Technical Theater Resume Example

A technical theater is a candidate who operates the technical equipment in an entertainment industry. The primary role of a technical theater person is to maintain the technical systems apart from taking care of the production activities such as designing, operation and supervision of all technical aspects associated in the theater.

A person who wish to work in this position must prepare a well designed resume and a technical theater resume example is given below for reference.

Sample Technical Theater Resume Example

Fred J Cock

#3, Poole, Dorset, London, BH17

PHONE – 111-222-3333


MOBILE PHONE – 999-999-9999

OBJECTIVE: Interested in obtaining a position of a theater technician in a reputed organization.


  • Have been part of thesis project conducted by famous director Mr. Sammy.
  • Was in charge of entire technical aspects of Simpson Music Festival.
  • Undertaken lighting contract for entire concert in One for All music concert.
  • Worked with leading film labs in various projects such as music shows, ears and nose concert and various stage shows.


Job Type: Contract or Permanent
Location: Any
Date of Availability: Immediately


  • Capable of installing and programming high end theater equipment.
  • Good working knowledge of LCD and sound and light equipment used in theater.
  • Capable of handling video production onsite and offsite.
  • Can undertake AB roll editing without any difficulty and maintain good quality.
  • Can repair all theater equipment with great ease.


  • Completed High School Diploma (General) in the year 2005 with good grades.
  • Bachelor’s of Arts in theater from University of Films, London in the year 2008.


  • Received best technician award for the year 2011 for film project “Slowing Down”
  • Appointed as technical advisor by University of Films, London for reviewing safety issues of upcoming films.
  • Was in charge of technical equipment at Films Award Screening Function Held at Newyork.

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