Teacher Aide Resume Example

Teacher aides are the individuals who help or assist in the teaching and learning of the students of an institution. A teacher aide resume example is the term used to refer to the resumes the teacher aide aspirant builds for him or herself. The resume showcases the education, skill and other personal details of the individual. These individuals have to work closely with the teachers of the respective institution and help them maintain/ developing resources, set up and build schedules, supervise students etc. Hence they are required to possess needed set of skills and qualities.

Sample Teacher Aide Resume Example

Jim Timothy Parker

Career Statement:

I have completed my bachelor and master education and now wish to complete the M. Phil program. I also aspire to also work as a teacher aide; being associated with the respectable teaching staff will be a learning experience. I look forward to expanding my knowledge base and intellect.

Educational Background:

  • 2008- Expected: M. Phil (Mathematics), Varsity University College, Chicago, USA.
  • 2007- 2008: Masters of Arts (Mathematics), University College of Harlow, USA.
  • 2005- 2007: Graduation in- Bachelors of Arts (Mathematics), University College of New Jersey, New Jersey, USA.
  • 2005: High school completion, West Riversdale High School, Woodford Valley, New Jersey, USA.

Academic Achievements/ Awards:

  • Highest rank in the first and final year of Bachelors of Arts (mathematics) program.
  • Ranked second in the final year of Masters of Arts (mathematics) program.

Languages Known:

English: spoken and written

Spanish: spoken and written

German: spoken

Other Interests and Hobbies:

  • Travel to learn about history and art of other regions.
  • Reading books/ novels.
  • Cooking

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 5th February 1984

Father’s Name: Mr. Kenneth James Parker

Contact Address: 274, Willow Apartments, Dillard and Dice Street, East, New Jersey, USA.

Residential Contact No.: 54213462536

Mobile Contact No.: 32523475

E- mail Address: jimtp@dsavb.com

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