Surgical Nurse Resume Example

Surgical Nurses are those nurses whose main work is to assist the doctors during the surgery, as well as to prepare the patients mentally and physically, before, during and after the surgery. They educate the patients about the surgery they are about to undergo. Also they have to make sure that all the required instruments and tools are available for the surgeon to perform the operation with.

For attaining a post of a surgical nurse in a reputed hospital, one has to write a good resume first. Here is a sample given to help one write a resume of a surgical nurse.

Surgical Nurse Resume Sample:

Personal Information:

Name: Rudy Stevens

Address: 21, Winslow Street,

Claremont, California 62914

E-mail id:

Contact no: 4712-724-482


  1. To secure the position of a surgical nurse in a facility of good reputation.
  2. To add to the hospital’s name through hard work and diligence.


       1.      Pursued Bachelors in Wellness and Nursing,

New York University, New York 7301482


1.      Good inter-personal and communication skills which help the patients in speaking about their grievances.
2.      Capable of maintaining a close watch over the patients and their conditions.
3.      Capable of monitoring the patients’ condition pre-surgery and post-surgery.
4.      Extensive knowledge about the OTs, surgical tools, etc.
5.      Capable of administering proper medication to the patients.

Work Experience:

         1.      Rockford Health Care Center,

New York 6304723

  • Efficiently performed suturing post operation.
  • Excellent management of the sterile space unit of the OT.
  • Assisted the surgeons with all the tools, instruments required.

       2.      Riverdale Medical Center

New York 3712917

  • Performed all the pre-operation and post-operation tasks.
  • Good communication with the entire team for proper care of the patient.
  • Preparation of various documents required by the surgeon and the patient’s family before and after the operation.

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