Storage Engineer Resume Example

A  Storage Engineer is basically involved in installing and maintaining the storage systems and backup environment. The candidate must have a thorough knowledge of various storage protocols. In order to get into this position, one must attain a degree in computer hardware engineering. Storage Engineer Resume must highlight the engineer’s qualification, skills and achievements.

Sample Storage Engineer Resume Example

Paula Adams

4/82, Shark Apartments

Brampton Road

Cane Island, Florida

Phone No. 43256

Mobile No. 762345

Email id:

Objective: To provide the best possible services to my employer and customers and excel in my area of specialization.

Work Experience:

Company Name ABC Pvt Ltd
Position Handled Storage Engineer
Duration September 2008- December 2010

Key Responsibilities

Handling the storage system activities and back up environments

Installing and maintaining the back up software and back up environments

Involved in routing and designing reliable network-wide file system layouts

Handling various other storage engineering tasks as per the company’s requirement

Company Name XYZ Pvt Ltd
Position Handled Storage Engineer
Duration January 2011 – Till Date

Key responsibilities

Involved in installing the back up software and back up environment and maintaining them

Reading and understanding the storage protocols such as Fiber Channel, NDMP protocols, CIFS, ISCSI and NFS.

Sharing the work load of the Sr. storage Engineer and working upon creating new solutions to handle the tasks more efficiently.

Generating reports and working on them to figure out the scope of improvement.

Educational Qualification

School/ University Subjects Year of Passing out
Greenfield High School Technical Science 2004
ABC University Computer Hardware Engineering (Bachelor’s Degree) 2007

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