Sports Agent Resume Example

Sports Agent Resume

A sport is an organized form of activity governed by a set of rules and customs and having the competitive and entertaining spirit in it. It is a form of entertainment with a competitive and winning spirit in it.

A sports agent is a person who manages the deals and sponsors management with the players and the club or the organization. A sports agent is required having adequate knowledge about the players’ value and manage deal according to it. He should know how to better endorse a player for a specific product.

Sports Agent Resume Example

Harvey Smith

Hillview Road


Phone: 87-432-7 7



Summary of qualifications:

  • I have effective communication and organizational skills
  • Have a good knowledge base about the sports field and the player value essence. .

Career Experience/Job History:


City Sports Center,

Sports Agent

  • Conducted meeting with the coaches, players and the sponsor firms and finalized sponsor deals with players and sponsors.
  • Moved with players for their matches to deal with negotiations among them and the firms.
  • Helped players maintain contract deals with the sponsors and updated about the deal changes or contract policies.


Players Club,

Sports Agent

  • Adviced the players on how to manage deals and contracts.
  • Maintained documents and files of contract for the players.

Educational Qualification:

2001-2004: Bachelors in Arts, City Center College.

2004-2006: Masters of Arts, University.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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