Sound Engineer Resume Example

A Sound Engineer is basically involved in working with tools and equipments that are used for recording, mixing and reproducing music for audio and video productions, theatre productions, movies, etc. They work in accordance with music producers, performers and other such personnel to generate the required sound. Sound Engineer Resume must include details about his qualification and skills.

Sample Sound Engineer Resume Example

John Twain

15, Trident Colony

New Charles Road

New York, NY

Phone No. 345987

Mobile No. 900876

Email id:

Objective: To work in a challenging environment where I can learn and grow professionally.

Educational Qualification

School/ University Year of Passing out Course Pursued/ Specialization
Xyz High School 2005 Abc
ABC University 2007 Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Engineering
ABC Institute 2008 Diploma in Journalism

Work Experience:

A Total of 3 years experience working as a Sound Engineer at one of the top sound recording company

ABC Pvt Ltd                                                                       Jan 2009 – Till Date

Sound Engineer

Major Responsibilities

  • Understand the kind of sound required and work upon attaining it.

  • Needs to work on setting and testing the sound equipments and ensure good quality recording.
  • Adjust the sound equipments appropriately during performances so as to attain the required output.
  • Arrange the sound equipments at their place once the recording is done.
  • Involved in mixing the music to attain the required music
  • Involved in editing the sound as per the requirement

Strong Points

  • Hardworking and dedicated towards work
  • Sincere in performing the assigned job duties
  • Understand the importance of completing the work on time and ensuring quality

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