Social Media Manager Resume Example

A social media manager is primarily responsible for planning, developing, implementing social media programs, and marketing campaigns through multiple channels such as social network, direct e-mailing and print media, etc. This professional initiates the audience focused programs to build up a loyal audience network for improving the popularity of the firm. You can take necessary guidance from this social media manager resume example to design your curriculum vitae to grab the attention of employers.

Sample Of Social Media Manager Resume Example:


Personal Details of the Applicant:

Rose Cooper

Hillary Apartments, Sun Lake Society

Washington DC, USA

Contact Number: 4859 697 7989

Resume Objective: To obtain a job position of Social Media Manager in  a reputed company to use my blogging, networking and effective communication skills for the growth of the organisation as well as my career.

Social Media experience:

  • Specialized in planning and conducting different social media campaigns and organizing unique event themes
  • Strategically developed social media programs at the best competitive prices
  • Identified the requirement of advertisement and promotional campaigns and initiated the same on the social media websites
  • Set up a strong customer network by launching various interesting blogging, networking and social media programs
  • Inspected the customer concerns and resolved customer issues in order to maintain CSI
  • Supervised the social media staff by assigning them duties and measuring & recording their regular performance.

Core Skills:

  • Outstanding problem solving, decision making and communication skills
  • In- depth knowledge of planning market research programs
  • Exceptional analytical, public relation and negotiation skills
  • Ability to manage, develop and implement the social media programs

Work Experience:

  • 2008- 2010: Mark Allan Entertainment Pvt. Ltd as a Social Media Manager
  • 2012- till date: Above & Beyond group of companies as a Social Media Manager

Educational Qualifications:

  • 2003-2006: Obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Clinton College of Business Management

2006:2008: Scored a Masters degree in Social Media  from Lincoln College of Business Studies

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