Senior Accountant Resume Example

Senior Accountant Resume

A Senior Accountant is in charge of reconciling and identifying financial activities and operations that are contributory to the company’s financial goals.  They prepare and draft month-end reports based on the financial transactions and operations of the company and decide whether there is a need to update or revamp existing in-house policies.  Senior Accountants are responsible for making recommendations to the management in terms of expansion, supervision policies, and entering into financial agreements or partnerships with other entities.

Senior Accountant Resume Example

Andrea Bender

89897 Redhouse St.

Branson, MO 7893

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Credible and professional individual seeking for a profession as Senior Accountant

Summary of Qualification

  • Strong accounting and management skills with extensive knowledge in statistics and resources management
  • Highly skilled in tax preparations with the use of automated general ledger accounting systems and other computer software or programs
  • Keen on details and with extensive experience in financial evaluations and assessment of existing records and policies
  • With expertise in drafting and making financial plans governed by the company’s financial goals and its existing policies and regulations

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Senior Accountant, Bank of Arizona

  • Organized and managed a revamped the company’s re-established accounting department with a staff of 20
  • Developed a database for investor payments tracking and funding transactions according to target schedules and with regular monitoring
  • Prepared and drafted tax exempt securities, finance leases and made recommendations for financial transactions and operations procedures relevant in achieving financial targets
  • Handled the filing of documents under the securities and exchange commission, tax preparation and evaluations

2004-2008: Accounting Supervisor, Ford and Bent Accounting Consultancy

  • Supervised the overall management of the accounting division of the consultancy
  • Made evaluations and assessment of client’s financial disposition, resolved issues through recommendations and gave other accounting services
  • Managed financial records and reconciled financial data with discrepancies


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting, University of Arizona

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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