Secondary Teacher Resume Example

A secondary teacher resume refers to the resumes used by the teachers who are aspiring or are currently a part of the secondary education scenario. The resume is the document which lists all the relevant details of the individual. Since it is the mode via which the employer gets to know about the applicant, the resume must leave a good and lasting impression.

The secondary teachers are required to have certain basic educational qualifications and a certificate for teaching, all of which is specified in the resume. One thing an individual must pay attention to while framing the resume is to prepare it in proper formal format.

Sample School Teacher Resume Example

Personal Information:

Name: Ms. Hailey Barns

Date of Birth: 12th January, 1982

Correspondence Address: 45, Honey May Apartments, 5th and Mains, Lower Manhattan, New York, USA.

Resident Phone No.: 357- 673- 876

Mobile No.: 324- 356- 457

E- mail Address:

Academic Qualifications:

  • 2001- 2002: Certificate of Teaching, Institute for Teachers and Educators, New Jersey, USA.
  • 2000- 2001: Masters of Arts (History), London College of Arts and Commerce, London, UK.
  • 1997- 2000: Bachelors of Arts (English), University College of New Jersey, New Jersey, USA.
  • 1997: Completed high school education, Preston Scot High School, Lake View, New Jersey, USA.

Work Experience:

  • 2003- 2004: Hilton Private Schools, New York, USA; Teacher for English and Art.
  • 2004- 2007: Wilson School for Boys, Brooklyn, New York, USA; Teacher of Arts, Economics, English.
  • 2007- Present: Mason Senior Secondary School, Manhattan, New York, USA; teacher of English, Arts, History and Economics.

Areas of Expertise/ Subjects of Interest:

  • English Poetry
  • English Literature
  • History of British Empire
  • World History
  • World Economy
  • Development Economics

Languages known:

  • French: spoken
  • Spanish: spoken and written
  • English: spoken and written
  • Italian: spoken and written

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